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Our history

Armistice was founded in 2012 by the RAUTUREAU APPLE SHOES group and continues to improve each day. Today, more than ever, the brand proudly maintains a strong proximity bond with its customers. Armistice is a part of the daily life, offering timeless shoes, made of comfortable and responsible materials.


Armistice is a committed brand, from the creation of its products to their distribution.
Choosing Armistice in your daily life, is to enjoy life while reducing your desire’s impact.
Armistice engages itself towards a more ecological approach, while placing your comfort in the heart of its reflection.

At Armistice, we work through 3 axes, for the environmental impact of our shoes to be the most reduced: The materials we use, the eco-conception of our packaging and the means of transport used to delivery our products.

Our low impact materials are divided in three categories:

  • Biological : Armistice integrates biological cotton in its products, particularly in the shoe’s liner. The biological fibers production system preserves the floor’s, ecosystems and people’s health by eliminating the use of chemicals and improving water conservation.
  • Recycled: recycled materials maintain their intrinsic qualities with a reduced environmental impact. Using recycled materials limits the use of new resources and allows to extend the lifetime of an already produced fiber.
  • Innovative materials: Armistice favors leather’s alternative such as materials made with agri-business’s waste like APPLESKIN, rice shell or the BLOOM material made with green seaweeds.

Today, it’s more than 50% of Armistice’s products that contain less impactful materials. Our goal is to achieve more than 70% in 2027, by offering you each season, new and more respectful products.

The packaging’s eco-conception results of the will to highlight a more responsible packaging thanks to our shoe boxes made with 50% of recycled paper.
About the transport, Armistice favors the maritime freight, a longer means of transport but which emits less CO2 than classic transportation.



The iconic eyelet in which slips the lace, is today Armistice’s emblem.
This eyelet is like our gravity center, it is the common thread that drives each of our models to evolve. Initiated upon the Stone One’s creation, the Eyelet declines itself, dares to change of look, diversifies itself to adapt to today’s world.
It gives sometimes classy allures, sometimes a sportwear style.
Each creation is thought and reflected around this eyelet, it is and will remain the DNA of our brand.